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Here are a couple of band photos that I took in the 1980's (mostly 1982):

Tesco Vee and the Meatmen!

...and guess what?!  They've got a new 3-hour video DVD compilation coming out with 28-years worth of "meat footage", for more details go to: http://www.tescovee.com 

The Nozones.  

More "new wave" than "punk".  Singer, songwriter & guitarist was Jon Stauffer.  Scott Fagersten, bass guitarist on the right, ended up playing for the "Crucif*cks" later and Steve Shelley, the drummer, ended up with "Sonic Youth" !

Here's another picture of Scott (by now bass guitarist for "The Crucif*cks, another infamous Lansing, Michigan area band from the 1980's).  On the right is Gloria "Glo" Branzei (she used to cut my hair, her price was a bottle of gin - which she got after she cut my hair...).  I took this picture outside of Bunches Cafe (Grand River Avenue, East Lansing).  Bunches was a venue for several punk & new wave bands that toured the Lansing area, although The Crucif*cks were banned after Scott broke his guitar there during a performance one night (which I do have on DVD...).

Ok, I really don't remember the name of this band....  But the venue was "Bunches Cafe" in East Lansing, the menu blackboard on the back gives a date of March 1, 1982.

Correction (Sept. 2008): I was informed that this band is "The Cult Heroes"

Man, more memory fades...  Best I can remember is that this band was somewhere in Lansing or East Lansing in 1982?   Anyone venture to take a guess?

Update (Sept. 2008):  The band is "The State"

See more pictures here: http://www.freewebs.com/punkdvd/bunchespix.htm

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