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Black & White Pictures from Bunches Cafe & Color from WELM

Here's a bunch of black & white photos that I took on March 1, 1982 at Bunches Cafe in East Lansing during a punk rock performance.  Unfortunately I don't remember the name of the bands that played that night, but here they are for your enjoyment (these are low resolution scans for keeping down the bandwidth, I've got hi-res scans available as well). 

Update: 8/25/08: I was just told the black & white picture below feature the band "Cult Heroes" (see the guestbook entry from Hille for more details).

(I guess Mary didn't want her picture taken...)

(That's Gloria Branzei on the left, my personal hair dresser - she lived in the dorm next to mine - from what I remember, haircuts cost me only the price of a bottle of booze...)

(That's Hillary with Craig Calvert, founder of the Lansing band "The Fix" and later played with "The Flying Tigers")

Ok, this next set of pictures I took of the "New Improved Zen Leisure Suits" during the videotaping at the WELM Public Access TV Studios.  Don't remember the exact dates, but it was either 1980 or 1981.

From left to right:

Bob Crane (bass), Michael Shur (drums)  & Ed Hoos [aka Eddie Puke] (drums)


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